The Top 3 Off Road Vehicles of All Time

Ford SVT Raptor

Rogue Racing's Amazing Raptor Build Photo:

Rogue Racing’s Amazing Raptor Build

Bryce Menzies Raptor Pre-Runner. Photo taken by MotoNetworks

Bryce Menzies Raptor Pre-Runner.
Photo taken by MotoNetworks

The Ford Raptor was debuted back in 2010 and is without question the best desert racing style off road production vehicle that has ever been manufactured. No other vehicle could you drive it straight from the showroom floor out to the desert and drive it at speeds that would literally blow your mind if you hadn’t experienced something like that before. IF you own one and haven’t had that feeling, please do yourself a favor and get someone that knows what they are doing behind the wheel of that thing because let me tell you that truck is a damn masterpiece when put in the right hands. With a 411hp 6.2L V8 that has one of the meanest exhaust note you have ever heard, especially on start up, and maybe most importantly one of the best off road chassis on the market. Also with the suspension every single part is bigger and beefier than what is on a normal truck ans high grade long travel Fox shocks that are similar to what would be found in something like a trophy truck, just not nearly as big, providing well over a foot of suspension travel or more. Plus they have widened it a few inches from what the normal F-150 as well as totally reworked the entire structure with one thing in mind, make the absolute best high speed off road vehicle. They hit the nail right on the head with the SVT Ford Raptor

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