That Time a French Photographer Stumbled Into Hitler’s Bunker

When Hitler first went after Poland, did he know that would cause what history records as World War II? Perhaps. At some point, either before or after, he hatched a plan to overtake England if not the world, all in the name of saving the Aryan race. Despite his German roots, Adolph Hitler did not craft his evil plan from the mother country, but from a bunker hidden in France. In recent history, Marc Askat, a French photographer discovered that bunker.

Discovering French Wolf Canyon

No secret bunker can stay a secret if one calls it, “the secret bunker.” For this reason, Hitler named his secret bunker “The French Wolf Canyon.” Reportedly, French wolf packs were not amused. Neither were Parisians when they learned that Hitler intended to burn Paris before letting the allies take it back. Apparently, nobody told his General Dietrich Von Choltitz. When the time came, he surrendered Paris to the Allies.

Hunting Season

When Askat set out to find this mysterious concrete structure, he had it in mind what it was, even though he couldn’t imagine the scope of his search. Meanwhile, it was hunting season in France at the time. In his quest for glory, Askat had to remember that there were men out hunting game in the same forest. The risk was to his very life and limb. To ensure his safety, Askat took a couple of companions with him in case. They would all become his co-conspirators.

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