Take a Trainride Back to Petticoat Junction

23. Edgar Buchanan

The Patriarch of the hotel, the character whose name replaced Kate’s in the theme song after she passed, was Uncle Joe Carson, played by Edgar Buchanan. He was one of the only actors to appear in every single episode. Buchanan died in 1979 on April 4, but during his 76 years on Earth he was in movies like Benji, Rawhide, and Cheaper by the Dozen (the first version).

22. Linda Kaye Henning

There were three daughters on the show, all Kate’s. One was Betty Jo Bradley, the red-head. The actress who played Betty Jo was Linda Kaye Henning, daughter of Paul Henning. Of the three daughters, Betty Jo was the only one played by the same actress the whole show. Linda Kaye was also the only one of the three daughters to appear in every single episode. Henning went on to appear in shows like Happy Days, and Mork & Mindy.

21. Pat Woodell

From 1963 to 1965, Pat Woodell played brunette sister, Bobbie Jo Bradley, eventually leaving to pursue a singing career. She didn’t give up on acting though. Later in life, she appeared in movies, but she did not return to Petticoat Junction. Woodell lived until September 29, 2015, dying from cancer after battling the illness for two decades. 

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