Take An Exclusive Look Inside Disneyland’s “Club 33”

23. Walt Disney’s Magic Touch

Because Mr. Disney planned on entertaining important guests in Club 33, he and his wife personally picked out the decor. Walt and Lillian hand-picked the antiques that make up the decorations of the exclusive space, which may be why photography is limited within the club. The couple even added a replicated French elevator after falling in love with the style during a trip to Paris.

22. VIP Train Transportation

Walt and Lillian seemed to enjoy personally decorating VIP spaces around Disneyland. In addition to Club 33, the couple also decorated an exclusive train car for special guests to travel around the park in private luxury. Dubbed the “Lilly Belle,” after Lillian of course, the red caboose can occasionally be spotted on the Disneyland Railroad.

However, it’s only sporadically open to passengers at certain times of the day. The Lilly Belle only hits the tracks when the weather is perfect as it features non-closing windows and lacks air conditioning. The Victorian style and history behind the exclusive train car do make a ride worth the hassle, though.

21. Becoming A Club 33 Member

Joining Walt’s exclusive club takes just as much patience as it does money. The waiting list is said to be years-long with formal guidelines in place for applicants. Prospects must mail a written letter applying for membership, but may be informed no space is available. The waiting list moves slowly, according to sites dedicated to the Disneyland club, despite coming with a hefty price tag.

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