Take An Exclusive Look Inside Disneyland’s “Club 33”

20. Club Attire

Like most ritzy restaurants, Club 33 has a formal dress code in place for members. According to a Club 33 fan website, no shorts of any kind are allowed at dinner. However, it does state casual attire is appropriate given guests may be enjoying the day at the theme park. Club 33 does recommend collared shirts and slacks for men, and a casual dress or slacks and a blouse for women.

19. Celebrities Enjoy The Private Disney Experience

PHOTO: YouTube

You guessed it— even celebrities are getting in on the Club 33 action. Stars such as Katy Perry and Sarah Hyland have been spotted dining at the elite restaurant while visiting the park. But being an A-lister does not automatically qualify one to enter the club without reservations. It’s said plenty of celebs have been turned away without having the proper arrangements in place.

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