Take An Exclusive Look Inside Disneyland’s “Club 33”

Prepare to step into one of the most magical places found at The Happiest Place on Earth. That’s right, Disneyland has an exclusive members-only club, and this is your chance to take a look inside. Found in the famed New Orleans Square, Club 33 has a lot to offer guests with deep pockets.

With membership dues ranging up to the $20,000’s, or even more according to some sources, Disneyland’s Club 33 gives new meaning to “exclusive.” But don’t worry, we rounded up plenty of insider information so all Disney fans can get a taste of the Club 33 life!

25. Entrance To The Club

Everyday, thousands of Disneyland visitors walk past the entrance to Club 33 without knowing it. The renovated entrance is located below the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and features the number 33 in frosted glass. A simple “33” marked the blue door to the “old” club, which is located near the Blue Bayou restaurant on Royal Street.

Guests are required to be buzzed in through an intercom on the building as the door remains locked at all times. One look at the simple exterior of Club 33 proves why most guests don’t realize a high-end restaurant is just feet away.

24. Cast Members And The Club

Club 33 is said to be so secretive, some Disneyland cast members claim they are prohibited from even talking about it. However, visitors may come across a few park employees who are willing to give directions to the hidden entrance.

Walt Disney intended for the club to be a private place for entertaining high-profile guests when it opened in 1967, so it’s no wonder this Disney gem is still very exclusive.

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