Super Wealthy Church Leaders in America

23. Bill Moyers

In his life, Moyers balances three powerful forces of income, journalism, politics, and religion. Swap out pornography for journalism and Moyers would be a walking social faux pas. His career began after completing a journalism internship with the U.S. Senate. At the time, a young senator by the name of Lyndon B. Johnson took a liking to Moyers, offering him a job in radio, which segued into television work.

22. Moyers’ Rise

In 1959, he became a Baptist minister but never forgot his pal Johnson. He was the press secretary for President Johnson’s White House in the ‘60s. In public broadcasting, Moyers made at least $20,000,000, but that’s as much as we know about his worth. In 2016, Moyers made waves by publishing an article stating: Economic Inequality Is a Threat to the Very Core of Our Democracy. Ironic, eh?

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