The 32 Strongest Militaries In The World

With the proposed U.S. spending budget for 2018 on the table, what and where we spend is on the minds of many Americans. There is no denying, we spend a lot on our military. We’ll come back to just how much.

Money isn’t the only commodity in the military, as many nations on this list can prove. There is something to say for warm, well-trained bodies too. In no particular order, these are 25 of the countries leveraging their best attributes to make the top strongest militaries in the world.


Part of the coalition that formed NATO, the Netherlands is one of Europe’s oldest military forces. Most people are surprised to learn that their special forces are some of the best in the world. These are the units the world calls in when G.I. Joe can’t get the job done.


Danish history records more battles than America has been a part of. This may be the reason their humble assembly of 30,000 troops is one of the most respected armies on the planet. Their nickname? The Hunter Corps. These are the soldiers who find stuff when nobody else can.

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