Mr. Belvedere: Secrets Revealed and Where The Cast is Now

The year was 1990. Fans of the show, “Mr. Belvedere” hung their heads in collective mourning for the demise of their little tiny corner in broadcast television. The show about the larger than life nanny in America would air no more. Mr. Belvedere, the character in series by the same name based on Gwen Davenport’s novel, “Belvedere,” had inscribed his last journal entry. “Mr. Belvedere” lived on in syndication, even aired previously unviewed episodes, but for fans it was the end of an era. Take a peek behind the scenes and into the lives of the talent from this unique show.

25. The Theme Song

Once upon a time, Hollywood rejected a pilot for a series called “Help.” With a name like that, it’s easy to understand. Anyway, the theme song for that show was the same song as the one used for “Mr. Belvedere,” using only slightly different lyrics. Songwriter Gary Portnoy, in 2007, released a recording of it on his album, “Destiny.”

24. The Ending Theme Song Changed

They filmed a total of six seasons of “Mr. Belvedere.” Over the course of the seasons, producers changed the way the theme song played out the credits. The first two seasons were the same, an instrumental version of the song. In season three, they switched to a Dixieland version. For the last three, it was a jazz version, but there were a few episodes where they played a rock version. 

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