What Happened to These Famous Celebrity Children

When celebrities reproduce, the first thing diehard fans think is, well, there goes my chance for getting adopted into the family. Then all true fans wonder what will come of these famous kids? Will they follow in Mom and Dad’s famous footsteps? Will they get lost in all the red carpets and editing sessions, turn into monsters of Hollywood? It’s like watching an auto race. Everything is gonna go really fast. Onlookers wait to see the outcome while secretly pining for some kind of drama. Will there be a huge crash? Will there be blood??? For these 25 celebrity kids, the track hasn’t been without pit stops, but every one of them is still in the race. In fact, some of them look like they’re winning.

25. Alexandra Richards

If you don’t know the name Keith Richards, you must be one of those Beatles fans. Richards played guitar for the greatest rock band of the 20th century, The Rolling Stones. His reputation is for rocking the guitar and taking copious amounts of… whatever, backstage. Alexandra is actually one of two daughters from the famous rock star. She’s made a name for herself as a runway model, and a high-end DJ for lavish parties. Also, her mom must have contributed a lot to her genetics.

24. Miley Cyrus

It’s hard not to know the name Miley Cyrus, but few people remember that this brassy wrecking ball came from famous musician, Billy Ray Cyrus. Since she was a kid, Cyrus has been in entertainment, either recording something with her dad or hosting her own show. When the cameras came on, Miley came on too. Today she has her own music career to worry about. That, and she has a reputation for making the tabloids. Lately, Miley seems to be growing up. She’s engaged to marry Liam Hemsworth and she doesn’t appear so much in the tabloids these days. 

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