All Fun & Games? Everything You Don’t Know About The Life Of Cruise Ship Employees

When school ends, the realities of responsibility settle in. One must work to live. For many grads, a cool job fits the bill, one that’s exciting. A job on a cruise ship sounds perfect. Cruise ships are fun. They go to cool places. There’s tons of food and drinks. It’s a party job, right? Not so fast, slim. What many enthusiastic cruise employees don’t consider is how much work goes into making all that fun, and how hard it can be to labor while other have the fun you thought you’d be having. This is hospitality to the nth degree, where one can’t simply walk away when the job gets tough.

25. Big Brother Is Watching

For the safety of the guests, but mostly for the security of the ship’s investors, not an inch of the boat exists off-camera. Most of that footage goes into an archive, but at any moment someone could be watching. That means, there is no leaning; there’s only cleaning.

24. Cruise Workers Lead Two Lives

For better or worse, the long weeks or months away from home push many employees to live separate lives. Absence makes the heart grow fungus in some cases. It’s not uncommon for married workers to suffer infidelity at sea. Think about it. You could be whoever you want away from home, without penalty.

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