Forget Nukes; Russia’s Been Building Nightmarish Super Weapon Technology

31. The T-14 Armata

This is Russia’snext-generationn tank. It can launch anti-tank missiles about seven-miles, twice as far as America’s best tank, the Abrams. The current T-14s don’t yet house the missile tech, but they will soon enough. No doubt, it’s far, but the question remains if the distance has any value. One can’t hit what he can’t see. The Russians had better pair that tech with some quality stealth drones to make it worthwhile in battle.

30. T-14 Firepower

At 10 to 12 rounds per minute, the 2A82-1M cannon has the ability to fire a ton of rounds in a short span of time. For missiles, the first versions of the Armata will carry the old Russian Reflecks system. It’s a laser-guided missile system with a range of 3.1 miles. It can bust through 900 millimeters of armor, but the new Sprinter missile will come with the seven-mile range. We can guess the penetration will at equal or exceed the Reflecks missiles.

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