Everything You Need To Know About The Great Captain Kangaroo

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Captain Kangaroo was both one of America’s most beloved characters, as well as television shows in history. And even though technically it was a show designed towards children, many adults loved it just the same. The Captain and his show were often referred to as the “gentlest” on television, which made it the perfect platform to not only keep kids entertained, but to also teach them some very important life lessons. We compiled some of the many great things about the show and its many characters and brought them here for your viewing pleasure. So take a walk down memory lane and see how many of these great moments and characters that you remember.

26. Sharing the Spotlight

Captain Kangaroo is one of the most beloved characters in television history. The show that went by the same name is also one of the longest running children’s programs in history. Coincidentally, when it made it’s television debut back on October 3rd, 1955 on CBS, it happened to share the spotlight with another cultural icon, the Mickey Mouse Club, which debuted on ABC. Both programs became massive hits and brought happiness and laughter to millions.

25. Good Morning, Captain!

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Captain Kangaroo was such a popular show for a long list of reasons, one of which was how they appealed to the everyday person. But the show’s producers weren’t afraid to use the occasional star power to do so. As many of you remember, just before the theme song would start, there would be a few scenes showing different people saying “Good Morning, Captain!” Most of the time, the people used were unknown to the rest of the world. But every so often we saw a recognizable face such as Bob Barker of The Price is Right, Leonard Nimoy, and Mister Rogers for example.

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