Everything You Need To Know About The Great Captain Kangaroo

24. Everybody Loves Grandpa

While there are many reasons why Captain Kangaroo was successful, one of the most prominent was the idea behind the show. Producers wanted the Captain, played by Bob Keeshan, to be as loving and friendly as possible. So Keeshan worked tirelessly to create and portray the persona that he was friendly, caring, and fun. And what better example to use than the adorable grandpa that we all know and love. Keeshan took this role very seriously and strived throughout the length of the series to continue to paint that picture for the millions of viewers.

23. Not Just Entertainment

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Bob Keeshan was the real deal. He cared a great deal about children and wanted to do whatever he could to help with important issues such as child development and education. And while Captain Kangaroo was mainly considered a form of entertainment, it also had short segments intended to focus strictly on those topics. They called it “The Most Important Person” and it was usually an animated live action series that was developed and produced by Sutherland Learning Associates.

22. Job Training

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Not only did Captain Kangaroo feature segments that were developed with education in mind, but also the future careers of the millions of children that watched. Often times they would do a feature on the wide variety of jobs available at the time to teach the children about the importance of having a career when they grew up. These segments were primarily seen on the show from 1973-1976, but they made the occasional appearances from time to time after that too.

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