The Cast of That ’70s Show: Then & Now

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That ’70s Show was popular right out of the gate, most likely because it was so relatable to so many people that watched it. There were so many things that brought up memories from our own childhood and adolescence that in some ways it was like watching your own life on TV. It was a major stepping stone for many of the actors that starred in the show as many of them went on to much bigger and better things. Unfortunately, there were a couple that didn’t have the much luck afterward. Can you guess who did, and who didn’t?

Then: Ashton Kutcher – a.k.a. Michael Kelso

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Everyone loved the character of the big dumb lummox known as “Kelso” on That ’70s Show because he was just that, a big dumb lummox. As one of the 5 male leads on the show, Kelso may have been viewed as the local idiot, but he still had a stellar reputation with the ladies. He was the stereotypical “all brawn and no brains” type of guy that managed to coast through life strictly by using his good looks. While his name was officially Michael Kelso, the only character to refer to him by anything other than his last name was his on again, off again girlfriend, Jackie.

Now: Ashton Kutcher – a.k.a. Michael Kelso 

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Just because Ashton Kutcher played the part of the sex-crazed village idiot on the show doesn’t mean that he was like that in real life. As a matter of fact, reports indicate he was quite the opposite. Rumor has it that he has an incredibly high IQ and he even briefly studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa. As far as his “lady luck” though, that seems to be similar to his real life. After being married to the stunning Demi Moore for just under eight years, he recently rekindled an old flame with Mila Kunis and the two have been married since 2015.

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