Al Capone Vs. Tony Montana: Quien es Mas Macho?

21. Capone’s Nickname

So, how did Al Capone become Scarface? Why, it was because of a hot-headed dame, of course. Also, Capone had it coming. In 1917, at the Harvard Inn nightclub, Capone was not yet the powerhouse he would become later in life. He’d insulted a woman whose brother bad guy, Frank Gallucio. Brother Frank went after the young gangster with a knife. He slashed Capone on the left side of his face, consequently the side of Capone’s face rarely facing a camera. Capone hid the scar, claiming it was a war wound despite never serving in the military. He hated the nickname given to him by the press: Scarface. Friends called him “Snorky,” a reference to his dapper dressing style.

20. Tony Montana’s Names

Tony Montana’s nickname Scarface only comes up once in the movie, but not in English. There’s a scene where a Columbian gangster threatens Montana, calling him “cara cicatriz,” which translates to Scarface. While Tony Montana took his nickname from the aforementioned Capone, as dictated by the screenwriter Oliver Stone, his last name was a Football reference. Stone was a big 49ers fan, especially the San Fransisco team’s star player, Joe Montana. Montana, the football player, was a three-time Super Bowl MVP. Tony Montana was more into guns than footballs.

19. Black Markets

When the United States passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, the prohibition of alcohol sales, it kick-started Al Capone’s booze-selling career. The black market is a dangerous but profitable arena for money-making. Montana leveraged the drug war of the 1980s to accomplish the same thing. Capone, however, was more diversified in his investments. He also had his hands in prostitution, drugs, and gambling. 

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