25 Technologies That Are About to Change Cars Forever

Smart Operating Systems in Cars

You’ve heard of Apple CarPlay or maybe Android’s Auto, but they’re likely not in your car. They will be. Operating systems in cars will function more like the mobile operating systems in out smartphones. There is more flexibility in these systems; they offer the driver more freedom to focus on the road. Fiat Chrysler is paving this path, but the rest are shortly behind them.

Hands-off Controls

Photo: dailymail

Photo: dailymail

With smarter operating systems, come other amenities. Products like the Airtouch screen don’t need contact to operate the stereo or GPS. It works the way Leap Motion works or the way computers work in the movie Minority Report. Operators navigate with simple hand gestures, no contact. The next obvious advance is voice-controlled systems, which are coming sooner than you think. We’re nearly there.

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