25 Incredible Facts About the Magic Kingdom

6. The Clock Has a “IIII” Instead of a “IV”

PHOTO: flickr

The clock on the front of the castle has “IIII” instead of a “IV”. Many might be quick to point it out as a mistake, but it’s not! The Imagineers did that on purpose to be true to the historical time that the castle is set in. The “IV” roman numeral wasn’t used until after the Colonial Period in American history, and since Cinderella’s Castle is set a couple centuries before that, the Imagineers chose to use a IIII instead.

7. It Was Turned Into a Cake, Once

No, that’s not a real cake. But, for Magic Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary, Imagineers made the castle look like one. It took 400 gallons of pink paint and 26 candles ranging from 20-40 feet in height, along with other decorations were massive gumdrops, lifesavers, lollipops, and other goodies to manage this feat. The castle stayed like this for 15 months, from 1996 to 1998. Awesome, right? Too bad you couldn’t actually eat a cake…

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