23 Alleged Presidential Extramarital Affairs

If one concludes nothing else from the recent rash sexual misconduct accusations, it’s that humanity has miles to go on the matter of affection. We can’t reconcile what we should do with what we wanna do. It seems this behavior crosses cultures, threading from the bottom to the top of the economic strata, and leaves no station untouched. That includes Presidents of the United States. More than one president in this gallery definitely did it, but many of these allegations remain unacknowledged. For that reason, consider this not as a historical list of what happened, but what remains accused.

23. John F. Kennedy

When JFK met Judith Campbell Exner in Las Vegas, it was February 7, 1960. Kennedy was still a senator. Frank Sinatra introduced them. Campbell fit Kennedy’s type. Exner didn’t look enough like Jackie Onassis to be her doppelgänger, but the two would audition for the same roles if they were actresses. One role Exner claims to have shared with Onassis was as JFK’s lover, a role she took for a couple of years. She also claims to have carried his baby.

22. John F. Kennedy’s Second Offense

More spoken of than the affair with Exner was the one JFK had with Marylin Monroe. According to legend, they met and rendezvoused at Bing Crosby’s Palm Springs home. Sometime after they did whatever it was they did, Monroe reached out to Onassis to confess the crime. She was surprised to learn Jackie already knew about Johnnie boy’s naughty behavior. She suggested Monroe marry John and move in with him so she could inherit all the problems that go along with him. 

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