You’ll Never Guess What Celebrities Voiced These Cartoon Characters

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In the world of acting, there’s no better job than one as a voice actor. You don’t need to worry about you look or what you’re wearing. That means no need to spend countless hours in a chair getting makeup applied. Not only that, but most producers and directors allow the actors to improvise as they see fit. Needless to say, there are quite a few A-List celebrities that have landed voice acting roles. Some of which you may not expect!

25. Smurfette By Katy Perry

Smurfette was by far the most beautiful of the Smurfs, granted she was the only female Smurf in the group, but who’s counting. With that being said, it’s only fitting that a world-class beauty plays the part of her voice. That beauty was none other than pop star Katy Perry. When asked about playing the part, Perry said that more times than not she feels like a cartoon character anyway so it felt completely natural for her. She used a combination of her voice and what she calls a “little voice,” which producers felt was a perfect representation of what Smurfette would sound like.

24. Tigress By Angelina Jolie

Speaking of world-class beauties, you cant get much better than the simply stunning Angelina Jolie. While you might think she is “too big” to play a cartoon voice, she actually played the role of Tigress, the butt-kicking tiger, in all three Kung Fu Panda films. In fact, Jolie had such a great time that she allowed four of her children to take up small roles in the third installment. She later told reporters, “What I think was so sweet about it was that they took it very seriously.” Which makes sense, considering most of those children were raised by Jolie and her husband at the time, Brad Pitt.

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