Vintage Pre-War Bentley Driven Like It Was Brand New (Video)

If you have been lucky enough to see a Vintage Bentley from the Pre-War era there is a very good possibility there was a sheet of glass, or velvet rope separating you from these beautiful cars. That’s of course because its most likely been in a museum of some sorts. Now as a true gearhead I cant imagine owning a car and not driving it, no matter what it was or how much it cost. Driving is the whole point of owning a car in my opinion. So if I were to get my hands on one of these true old school cars you better believe I would be putting some miles on it. I know there is at least one man that feels the same way, William Metcalf.

Metcalf is the owner/operator of Vintage Bentley, a company that specializes in restoring these classic beauties back to their original glory. There are classic car rally’s held all over the world where people like to take their old cars out and give them a good thrashing. Vintage Bentley also specializes in rally preparation so that car owners can go out and race with confidence knowing a skilled hand has gone through and made sure all the important bits were still functioning properly. Petrolicious sat down with Metcalf to get the full details about his passion for the old Bentley specifically. Take a moment, sit back and enjoy.