Top 5 Best Selling Vehicles Of All Time

These five vehicles make up more than 100 million vehicles that have been sold throughout the world, that is a ridiculous number when you really think about it. With the top vehicle selling over 40 million on its own these vehicles have etched their names in history and not a single one shows signs of stopping any time soon. The list mostly contains cars but there is one truck to make the list.

1970 Ford Escort RS1600 Photo: wiki 1/5

1970 Ford Escort RS1600
Photo: wiki

5. Ford Escort

The Ford Escort is one car on our list that might not remain much longer due to the fact that production stopped back in 2000. But at the same time it speaks very highly that it remains on the list even though it hasn’t been made in over ten years. Starting life in Europe back in 1968 the Escort was Ford’s attempt to battle the new compact fuel efficient import cars from the likes of Toyota and Honda, but it wasn’t introduced in the United States till 1981. There has been rumor that Ford will bring back the Escort name for a model that will be built for the CHinese market and if that happens not only would the Escort remain on the list, but it may start to challenge the vehicles ahead of it. Approximately 20 million sold

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