Super Clean, Super Rare: Shelby Mustang Hertz Rental Car (Video)

Back in 1966 Hertz rentals had a genius idea to get new customers, they decided to get a small run of 1000 custom Shelby GT350H Mustangs to add into their rental fleet. The sharp all black with gold stripes GT350 were an instant hit. Stories of people renting the cars for $17 then taking them home and switching engines surfaced but none ever proved to be true. The small fleet has become a cherished collectable to car enthusiasts around the world. While these were rentals, make no mistake, they were real Shelbys direct from the factory.

In 2006 Hetz did it again and now in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of Hertz, they have teamed up with the crew at Ford and Shelby to make a final rental version but this time instead of $17 a day, its $400 for the day to drive the hottest rental car you’ve ever seen.