Model T With Two Ford V8’s And Four Superchargers Is The Definition Of One Of A Kind (VIDEO)

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

Now the level of engineering involved on this car is definitely not something your average mechanic is going to be able to put together. With two Ford 4.6L V8’s that have two superchargers each, this work of art called fittingly “Double Trouble” puts out 1200hp! That is four superchargers! Its one thing to have four turbos, Bugatti has been doing that for quite some time, but the supercharger is another story.

Naturally the owner, brainchild and builder of this beautiful car has a background in engineering and he does use it for car shows, but he also drives it. To drive this thing must be quite the experience with the visibility pretty limited, if you happen to be short then all you will see is the back of two superchargers.

Double Trouble has had a few different configurations over the years. I have seen it around where it still had the two engines, but didn’t have the superchargers on it. In my opinion this is by far the best and meanest looking setup to date. What do you think, is this something you would drive?

Here is an older video of the Twin SC setup

Double Trouble with Twin Supercharger setup Photo: doubletoublehotrod

Double Trouble with Twin Supercharger setup
Photo: doubletoublehotrod

close up of the twin SC setup Photo: kruzinusa

close up of the twn SC setup
Photo: kruzinusa