Most Insane Toys Billionaires Have Actually Bought

20. Larry Ellison: Hawaiian Island

No, not all billionaires’ ‘toys’ are actual toys. Larry Ellison, co-founder of the Oracle Corporation, purchased the majority of the island of Lanai. For a cool $300 million, Ellison is planning on turning the land into sustainable living model. Then again, with a net worth estimated at $55 billion by Forbes, Larry can afford to do whatever he pleases.

19. Larry Ellison: 288-Foot Yacht

Part of the island life includes owning a luxury yacht. Ellison can sail away on his 288-foot yacht when he starts to feel cabin fever on Lanai. Dubbed the “Musashi,” the $130 million yacht can accommodate 18 guests and 23 crew. It even includes a glass elevator and large cinema area for entertaining.

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