Here’s Everything You Didn’t Know About Little House on the Prairie

The crew pounded two cases of Coors every day

When they filmed this show, drinking on the set wasn’t unheard of. The crew of Little House must have set a record. They not only drank tons of beer (‘cause it was hot ya know?) they also put away their fair share of Wild Turkey during breaks. It’s a wonder there weren’t more injuries.

Alison Arngrim used to make out on set with Steve Tracy to unnerve Melissa Gilbert

Playing on Gilbert’s discomfort with boys and affection, Alison Arngrim used to make out with actor Steve Tracy, who played her husband, Percival. This wasn’t any sort of peck-on-the-cheek, either. They were mackin’ down like teenagers. Since their scenes required it, they figured the practice made only them better.

When Michael Landon divorced his wife, Melissa Gilbert disowned their offscreen friendship

Gilbert did not approve of Michael Landon’s life choices, not with women. Landon took a social fall after an affair with his onset makeup artist. He was married with kids at the time. By the time it went public, his marriage was over, and so was his friendship with Gilbert.

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