Forget Nukes; Russia’s Been Building Nightmarish Super Weapon Technology

36. T-50 Helmet Tech

The helmet worn by T-50 pilots is the NSTsI-V, which employs a helmet-mounted sight and display. It’s an advance head’s up display (HUD), displaying the pilot’s key information right on the lenses of the helmet. How this compares to augmented reality helmet prototypes is anyone’s guess, but it sure looks badass.

35. T-50 Engineering

The weapons of the T-50 store internally, as to not disturb the aerodynamics and stealth features of the craft. All antennas and any other protrusions recess into the surface of the craft. As far as the total structural weight of the craft, engineers designed the T-50 with 25 percent composite materials, but the surface is 70 percent composites.

34. T-50 Engines

The T-50 uses a pair of Saturn izdeliye 117 engines. That means exactly nothing to the average reader, but this next bit will help. The design of these engines is not mono-directional. They have something called vectoring nozzles, which means the engines don’t only push the craft forward. They can provide thrust in three planes of the aircraft’s rotational axles, a key to the maneuverability of the T-50. One mid-air feat they call Pugachev’s Cobra, which is where the T-50 goes from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane, and then back without changing altitude. 

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