The Fates of 24 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Killed Off in the Series

3. Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce played the High Sparrow – the fanatic religious leader who sought to rule Kings’ Landing with militaristic extremism. We liked this guy, and then we really, really hated him. Cersei Lannister also burned the High Sparrow in the wildfire explosion in the Sept of Baelor at the end of Season 6.

Since his character’s death, Pryce has gone on to star in FX’s new show, Taboo, along with Oona Chaplin and Tom Hardy. Coincidentally, his new character also holds a leadership position in Taboo.

4. Roger Ashton-Griffiths

Mace Tyrell, the father of Margaery and Loras Tyrell, was played by Roger Ashton-Griffiths. Mace might not have spoke much in Game of Thrones, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t one of the most powerful men in all of Westeros. Powerful, that was, until the High Sparrow took over and his gold didn’t matter all that much anymore. Mace also died during the wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baelor in Season 6.

The actor, however, is just fine and has gone on to star with Jonathan Pryce in FX’s series, Taboo. His career won’t be ending any time soon.

5. Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn played Hodor, Bran’s companion. Hodor died in one of the most emotionally distressing death scenes in Game of Thrones to-date. The phrase “hold the door” will never be the same, will it?

It might surprise you, but Kristian Nairn has built a huge DJ career over the past few years, even while working on Game of Thrones. Now, he’s still touring with his music. It’s one rave you won’t want to miss!

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