Cars and Coffee. What a Great Way To Spend Your Saturday Mornings

Ever since the creation of the automobile there has been a group of people that would meet up and discuss their cars at local watering holes all over the world. Its just something in our blood that draws all different types of people together with one bit of common ground, our love for anything with a motor. One of the places that is known for its deep rooted car culture is California, especially Southern Cali, and it was there that many automotive traditions have started. One of which that has seemed spread rapidly throughout the whole world, and that’s Cars and Coffee. Many could argue the people have been technically meeting for coffee and discussing cars forever, but as far as what would turn into a somewhat organized event that started in Huntington Beach at Adams Ave Donuts back in 1983.

Initially it was just a group of guys that would meet every Saturday morning to talk about politics and how their sons dirt bikes were performing turned into them discussing hot rods and other vehicles. Word spread as some of the most beautiful cars in the area started showing up at this donuts shop every weekend and soon the parking lot was so full that if you weren’t there by 6:30 am you didn’t stand a chance at getting a spot. This would continue on and soon there were cars and coffee events popping up in cities all over the country and then the world. Now again there surely has got to be another “originator” out there that had done this type of thing long before the 1980’s but that’s not really the point. The popularity of these types of events are great for the gearheads of the world, especially now that there are TV shows, webisodes, YouTube channels and all sorts of other ways to enjoy these gatherings if you don’t have a local event near you.

The Cars and Coffee of Irvine event is said to be the originator of the modern day events we see today. It is still held every weekend and you are always guaranteed to see a very unique collection of vehicles here. because of its popularity The best and baddest of them all come out of the wood works to show everyone their masterpiece and with an average of 200 cars every weekend you are likely to see a lot of em. So If you ever are in the area of the Premier Auto Group Complex in Irvine California be sure to stop in and admire the machinery.