11 Of The Best Track Day Cars Available Today

Racetracks across the world get bombarded on the weekends with the everyday Joe that wants to go take his car out and push it to the limits. Most tracks will require a fee for you to take your car out for a timed period. Sometimes there will be amateur events where you can compete to see how well you stack up against other cars and drivers of your skill level. This type of thing is so popular that there are some vehicles that are sold as a track only models that are essentially a race car. There are a few street legal cars on our list that can be driven to the track, go out and lay down some wicked fast lap times, then cruise back on home to go about your daily life. We didn’t feel is was right to list them in any specific order because each one could hold the top spot for someone out there, although we do have our favorites.

Photo: wallpaperscraft 1/12

Photo: wallpaperscraft

McLaren P1 GTR

The McLaren P1 GTR is one of those “track only” models that has a 986hp twin turbo V8 Hybrid that will set you back over $3 million, if you could get one, which you can’t. This thing is so incredible that when you buy it comes with the full support of the McLaren Racing team as they follow you around to as many as six driver events created to showcase these cars that have created a whole new level of performance.

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