21 Of The Best Cars To Take On A Canyon Cruise

The summer weather is getting to be upon us and one of the ways we like to enjoy this beautiful weather here in the rocky mountains is to go and drive the numerous canyons that we have access too. Most would call it a “canyon cruise” others may even call it a “space cruise”, depending on what you style is. But this got me thinking, what would some of the ultimate vehicles to take on a canyon cruise. You would would want something comfortable, doesn’t have to be crazy fast but it doesn’t hurt. You definitely want to hvae something that will handle very well also, you might find yourself in a situation where you have a cliff on one side and a mountain wall on the other. So having a car that will go where you point it with no hesitation is probably a good idea. So here is my list of what I feel to be the best canyon cruise cars on the market in no particular order, although just like always, there will be a few favorites. We know that there is a whole bunch of vehicles that could fit this criteria, but we limited it to

E39 M5  Photo: M5board

E39 M5
Photo: M5board

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