Baller On A Budget: 10 Cars Under $30K That Will Make You Look Rich

Photo: Source

Photo: Source

2004 Volkswagen R32

Now I’ll be honest this is either a hoax, or this is one of those diamonds in the rough type cars. When this R32 came out back in 2004 it had a MSRP of just under $30,000 and it had a 3.2L V6 with 240hp, decent but nothing special right? Well this one happens to be modified with a twin turbo setup pushing out over 500hp, Brembo brakes and a whole list of other high end mods and the seller is asking an even $30,000! According to the list there is easily over that just in parts and apparently it only has 29,000 miles on it. So even though it may not look like an expensive car at first glance, after that 500hp all wheel drive hooks up and smokes almost any car it races you will have everyone looking at your car.

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