50 Secrets You’ll Wish You Never Knew About The Brady Bunch

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For years, this writer felt a kinship with the Brady’s. Their house was two blocks down the road in Studio City, California. Then, one day, I stood in front of the Brady house trying to figure out the interior layout. Nothing matched up. Turns out, that house only served as an exterior shot. The rest was a studio set. Then, I did a little more digging and my whole world came crashing in around me. This is what I found…

50. The Kids Weren’t Related

Sherwood Schwartz, the creator. He was the mind behind great shows like Gilligan’s Island and of course, “The Brady Bunch.” While it seemed as though Schwartz simply hired a real family to do the show, in truth they were all actors. (I KNOW!) He went to great lengths to find children who seemed like they could be siblings. They auditioned 464 kids to find the right ones. You got me there, Schwartz

49. Carol Wasn’t a Widow

Schwartz intended for Carol to be a divorcee, but it wasn’t yet an acceptable lifestyle when the show aired. To circumvent this, they avoided the subject. Carol’s maiden name, as revealed in the pilot, was Tyler. Her married name, however, was Martin. They let audiences assume what they wanted about Mr. Martin. Years later, Florence Henderson finally admitted the truth on the HuffPost Show. She said, in jest, “I killed my husband. I was the original black widow!”

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