28 Celebrities And Their Cars That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Most people are envious of celebrities, for one reason or another. For some, it might be the glitz or glamour, others the fame and notoriety. But for some of us, the gearheads of the world, we want to have their garages, or warehouses in some cases, that consist of some of the best car collections on the planet.

We wanted to put together a list of some of the best car collections, or single cars owned by celebrities that we would be very happy to own.


Photo: thrilllist

Photo: thrillist

Now, some of you may recognize this car as the “Purrari” which is, of course, a Ferrari 458 that has a very unique wrap on it of a cartoon cat. This wrap was so hideous that Ferrari actually stepped in and forced Deadmau5 to remove the wrap and all “Purrari” logos. Even though it may be ugly, there’s still a 562hp Ferrari 458 underneath it!

Paris Hilton

Photo: thedetriotbureau

Photo: thedetriotbureau

Paris Hilton has somewhat fallen out of the spotlight over the past few years. To many people she was almost a perfect example of a real-life Barbie doll and when photos started circulating of her standing next to a fully custom, bright pink, Bentley Continental GT it appeared as if Barbie had gotten her dream car. We are sure Ms. Hilton has upgraded her GT by now, or more likely just replaced it, but that pink GT will forever be associated with her in my mind.

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