25 Titanic-sized Facts About the RMS Titanic

23. Ritz Carlton of the Sea

Interiors of the ship took inspiration from the London Ritz Carlton. That was per the owners, the White Star Line of cruise ships. From the grand staircase to the ship’s amenities, White Star spared no expense. Few ships of that day enjoyed luxuries like a gym, a squash court, a Turkish bath, and a pool. There was even a kennel for family dogs en route. All amenities, of course, were only enjoyed by the wealthy passengers.

22. Speaking of Grand Staircases

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the grandness of the grand staircase. In pictures and the movie, Titanic one only sees sections of it, as if it there were only two floors connected. Not even close. Of the ships ten decks, it descended seven floors, wrapped in beautifully finished oak, and bronze accents. Each floor had its own touches, with various lamps and artwork so passengers wouldn’t get confused.

21. Grand Lifeboats

Most folks know that Titanic was a little shy on lifeboats when it mattered, but by the standard at the time it was fine. In fact, Titanic carried more than was required. There were 16 huge boats, bigger than most people’s recreations lake boats, and four canvas collapsible boats. Between the 20 of them, they could carry 1,178 passengers, about half of the ship’s souls. The night of the wreck, April 15, many lifeboats launched prematurely, leaving more passengers to go down with the ship.

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