The 25 Secrets Of Amish Life They’d Prefer You Didn’t Know

You may suffer some curiosities about the Amish, wondering if that life is for you. It may be. Before you go wondering in Amish country with your hands in the air, there are some things you should know about tripping the life Amish. They are sweet and sensitive people, but some of their practices may raise an eyebrow.

25. You’re English

Let’s get something clear up front. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, what color your skin or from whence your people hail. If you’re not Amish, you’re “English.” That’s what they call us non-Amish folk. We can assume that changes when you sign on the dotted line.

24. No Baby Baptisms

In most Christian faiths, practitioners baptize babies as soon as possible. This ensures that the baby, should it not survive for some unforeseen reason, will go to heaven. The Amish believe that babies get a pass into God’s house no matter what, but also that a baptism should be a choice made by one old enough to choose such things. 

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