25 Images That Perfectly Capture the People and Events of Prohibition

20. The Striped Pig

Another effort in the 19th century to make booze hard to get was the “Fifteen Gallon Law” passed in Massachusetts in 1838. The law attempted to keep anyone without money from buying booze, by mandating that one buy 15 gallons at a time. It was illegal to repackage and sell that booze, but one could give it away, an expensive proposition. The loophole was to set up a striped pig event, which included a striped pig on display for anyone willing to pay an admittance fee. As a gift upon entry, patrons received some liquor.

19. The Noble Experiment

Taking from a quote attributed to President Herbert Hoover, when he referred to Prohibition as a “great social and economic experiment,” folks started calling it “the noble experiment.” Objectively, backers believed society would become more civil without liquor. That is generally the goal over time, that humans are more civilized today than yesterday. Unfortunately, making alcohol illegal didn’t force people to be nobler. It forced them to behave exactly the opposite. They now had to break the law to enjoy a drink.

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