25 Facts About ‘Caddyshack’ You Never Knew

Caddyshack is an incredible film. It’s beloved by many people across the world and has become one of the most-quoted films of all time, with some of the best movie quotes ever spoken. Nearly forty years later, we’re still enjoying it! How much do you know about the film though? Here’s 25 facts that may surprise you…

25. Bill Murray Improvised All Of His Lines

Despite having little experience as a no-name actor, Murray’s talent shone in Caddyshack. It was his first major film, but Murray is such a great comedian that even this early on, he ended up improvising all of his lines in the movie, including cutting the flower tops off with a grass whip. His lines have been called some of the greatest movie quotes of all time.

24. Doug Kenney Was Drunk When He Wrote Caddyshack

PHOTO: echoba.se

Writer and producer Doug Kenney (pictured, above) began writing at Harvard, where he co-founded the National Lampoon magazine. That’s an auspicious start in of itself, but he wasn’t happy. While working on Caddyshack, he was working through severe depression. He drank heavily, abused cocaine, misbehaved at press conferences, got into a drunken car-crash, and died after falling off a cliff in Hawaii.

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