20 Private Jets And The Famous People That Own Them

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More times than not, flying on a commercial plane is quite the drag. The hassle of the long security lines, baggage handling, and trying to find your specified terminal in what always seems to be on the opposite side of wherever you are, and that’s before you even get on the plane. It’s times like these that you wish you had access to flying on a private jet and that got us thinking, what’s it like to have access to your own plane. Here are 20 extremely wealthy individuals that have been successful enough to enjoy some of the finer things in life, including their own jets!

1. Donald Trump

Photo: thejournal

Photo: thejournal

Well, this shouldn’t come as any surprise considering who we are talking about here, but the regular old private jet won’t suffice for the new President-Elect Donald Trump. He requires a certain level of luxury and style that the standard passenger plane can’t provide. Instead, he has his own private Boeing 757 that may as well be a house at 30,000 feet.

Inside it’s been completely decked out with gold accents, marble bathrooms, bedrooms, and the full nine yards. The whole project has an estimated value just over $95 million. I wonder if he’ll still use the Trump plane instead of Air Force One?

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